The committees memberships serve the college and university in an advisory, process-making, or hearing role for the continued innovation and progression of the institution. A brief description of the responsibilities of committee leads the membership listing. An appointment ends on August 15 of the year listed. Inquiries concerning this roster may be directed to

Dean’s Faculty Advisory Council
Shall advise the Dean on personnel matters involving promotions, tenure and retention of faculty.

Dean’s Academic Professional Advisory Council
Shall advise the Dean on personnel matters involving promotions, continuing status, and retention of academic professionals.

Academic Integrity Committee
The committee is charged with providing the FSE Dean’s Academic Integrity Office with academic integrity feedback. To serve as a pool of members in which panels will be developed in order to conduct student academic integrity hearing appeals.

Academic Standards Committee
Shall advise the Dean, and the Executive Committee on matters concerning the enforcement and interpretation of FSE academic standards as stated in the University catalogs and on FSE policies, and recommend to the Dean and the Executive Committee policies and procedures related to scholarship, honors, internships and awards.

Curriculum Committee
Shall consider all proposals involving curricular changes or additions within the FSE, and make recommendations to the Dean, and the Executive Committee, regarding their disposition.

Committee on the Quality of Instruction
Shall consider any matters relating to faculty development and the improvement of instruction, including teaching evaluation and selection of awardees for the teaching awards in the FSE.

Committee of Review
Shall assist faculty members and academic professionals in resolving differences over personnel matters within the purview of the FSE, including performance evaluation.

Research Committee
Shall assist School Directors in matters involving development of research initiatives, research portfolios, identify equipment needs and development of quad charts for centers.

Sabbatical Advisory Committee
Reviews and makes recommendations on sabbatical leave requests.

Executive Committee
Shall provide advice and recommendations to the Dean, as representatives of the individual schools within FSE.

New Faculty Advisory Council
Facilitates the integration of new engineering faculty into ASU by fostering a culture of collaboration and community.