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Academic Integrity Committee (AIC)

The committee is charged with providing the FSE Dean’s Academic Integrity Office with academic integrity feedback. To serve as a pool of members in which panels will be developed in order to conduct student academic integrity hearing appeals. To serve as information conduits within their schools to disseminate and encourage academic integrity best practices.

Membership consists of 15 FSE faculty members appointed annually, for a one-year term, by the Dean’s office (or designee): Additionally, full-time ASU students, who have received an academic integrity policy orientation, will be appointed to serve alongside faculty members on academic integrity appeal hearing boards. Once oriented students may participate on this committee until graduation. Faculty members from the FSE Academic Standards Committee will serve as ex officio members.

The Academic Integrity Officer will coordinate with the Vice Dean to (re)appoint faculty members to this committee in August of each academic year. The Academic Integrity Officer will appoint student membership onto the committee.

Under this charge, if a suitable hearing panel cannot be assembled from the Academic Integrity Committee regular membership or from the ex officio membership the Dean’s office may develop academic integrity hearing appeal panels from any full-time student and any regular member of the FSE faculty assembly.


Olivia Burnsed

Helen Chavez Echeagaray

Michael Clough

Deana Delp

Arnaud Ehgner

Cheryl Jennings

Ryan Meuth

Phillip Miller

Raghavendra Murthy

Jay Patel

Laurie Ralston

Jared Schoepf

Richard Standage

Amy Trowbridge

Haolin Zhu

Ex-Officio Membership
FSE Academic Standards Committee Members