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Academic Standards Committee (AS)

Shall advise the Dean, and the Executive Committee, on matters concerning the enforcement and interpretation of FSE academic standards as stated in the University catalogs and on FSE policies, and recommend to the Dean and the Executive Committee policies and procedures related to scholarship, honors, internships and awards. The Committee shall consist of two faculty members from each of the Schools within the FSE. The Dean’s designee for academic and student affairs, , shall serve as an ex officio member of the Committee. As a one of the standing committees, the Academic Standards Committee is composed of members serving 3 year, staggered terms, with the Chair selected by the Dean from the committee membership. The standing committees generally report their findings via recommendations to the Dean(s), but these are also to be communicated to the Executive Committee to assure that communication flows to the individual schools.


Member names are listed.


Emma Frow

Jerry Coursen


Konstantantinos Tsakalis

Mariana Bertoni


Chris Lawrence

Kraig Knutson


Linda Chattin

Hessam Sarjoughian


Kang-Ping Chen

Huei-Ping Huang


Debra Prewitt

Sharon Lewis