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Committee of Review (CoR)

Shall assist faculty members and academic professionals in resolving differences over personnel matters within the purview of the FSE, including performance evaluation. The Committee shall not consider appeals of recommendations made by the Dean’s Advisory Council, but shall consider situations for which no regular channels for appeal exist, or after all normal appeal procedures within the FSE have been exhausted. The Committee shall use nonadversarial, fact-finding procedures, and will report its findings and its recommendation to the Dean. The committee shall also consider policies and procedures relating to student organizations, safety, welfare, and rights. The Committee membership shall consist of one tenured faculty member from each of the Schools in the FSE and an academic professional selected by the Committee on Committees. As a one of the standing committees, the Committee of Review is composed of members serving 3 year, staggered terms, with the Chair selected by the Dean from the committee membership. The standing committees generally report their findings via recommendations to the Dean(s), but these are also to be communicated to the Executive Committee to assure that communication flows to the individual schools.


Member names are listed.


Stephen Helms Tillery

Rosalind Sadleir


Ying-Cheng Lai

Bertan Bakkaloglu


Narayanan Neithalath

Kenneth Sullivan


Charles Colbourn

Theresa Wu


Ronald Adrian

Spring Berman


Arunachalanadar Madakannan

Nadia Kellam