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Dean’s Faculty Advisory Council (DFAC)

Shall advise the Dean in personnel matters involving promotions, tenure and retention of faculty.  The Council shall consist of two tenured faculty representatives from each School within the FSE. The members of the Council are either directly elected by the faculty of their School, or appointed by an elected body, such as the unit’s Personnel Committee. At least one representative of each School should hold the rank of full professor. Alternatively, at least six members of the Council must hold the rank of full professor. Only a full professor may serve as chair.  A member shall not vote on personnel matters involving a member of her/his academic unit.  Only full professors may vote on cases of promotion to the rank of full professor. Chairs/Associate Directors/Directors and Assistant/Associate/Vice Deans are not eligible for membership on this council. 


Member names are listed.


Stephen Helms Tillery

Rosalind Sadleir


Ying-Cheng Lai

Bertan Bakkaloglu


Narayanan Neithlath

Kenneth Sullivan


Charles Colbourn

Sarma Vrudhula


Ronald Adrian

Spring Berman


Arunachalanadar Madakannan

Robert Gray