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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Assembly of the Fulton Schools of Engineering (AFSE) shall be composed of the Secretary of the AFSE, and two tenured, or tenure-track, faculty members from each school within the FSE. The chair of the Executive Committee shall be chosen from among its membership by the FSE Dean. The Executive Committee shall provide advice and recommendations to the Dean, as representatives of the individual schools within FSE. The Executive Committee also provides communication to the AFSE with regard to governance at the FSE level.


  1. The Executive Committee will meet on a monthly basis in order to provide for the flow of information from the FSE level to the individual schools and faculty.
  2. The Executive Committee will work with the Dean and the AFSE Secretary to ensure that issues raised at AFSE meetings are adequately addressed.
  3. The Secretary of the AFSE shall maintain a secure website where minutes of the Executive Committee and AFSE meetings are posted. Results of actions of FSE Committees will also be available from this website.
  4. Proposals for policy changes within FSE, whether from administrator, standing committee, unit heads, or individual faculty, should be discussed by the Executive Committee as a means to insure that information flows back to the individual schools. It is a duty of members of this committee to keep their schools so informed.
  5. The Executive committee shall appoint a nominating committee for the position of Secretary of the AFSE. The nominating committee proposes candidates and runs the elective via email ballot. No member of the Executive Committee may be a member of the nominating committee.


Member names are listed.


Chris Buneo

Jit Muthuswamy


George Pan

Andreas Spanias


Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown

Tony Lamanna


Doug Montgomery

Yalin Wang


Sefaattin Tongay

Marcus Herrmann


Rod Roscoe

Samantha Brunhaver

Susan Squire, Executive Committee (Secretary) & Parliamentarian, 2019